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Welcome to The Marlowe Society

Welcome to The Marlowe Society

Christopher Marlowe as poet and playwright was at the forefront of the 16th Century dramatic renaissance, a man to whom Shakespeare and others owe a huge debt of gratitude. He also led a full and intriguing life outside the theatre. Entangled in the outer reaches of the Elizabethan espionage web, Marlowe's life is alleged to have ended prematurely in 1593 when, at just 29, he was reportedly stabbed to death in Deptford.

The Objects of The Marlowe Society are to present Christopher Marlowe in his true light as a great poet and playwright, the innovator of blank verse drama; to encourage the performance of his plays; to discuss and study Elizabethan and Jacobean literature with particular attention to Marlowe's place in it; and to publish historically valid information about him based on research. Read more about the Society's policy, including its position on the Shakespearean Authorship debate.

The Marlowe Society is a registered charity whose objects are to provide, develop and encourage the advancement of education for the public benefit in the field of Elizabethan literature, and that of Christopher Marlowe in particular.

Our website contains much information about Marlowe's life and work, details about the Society and how to join, sample articles from the Society's publications (the Journal and Research Journal), as well as news, and details of forthcoming events and meetings.

Detail from the 1585 portrait, believed to be of the 21-year-old Christopher Marlowe, at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

The Face That Launched...?

The Face That Launched...?

This portrait may be of Christopher Marlowe. It was discovered at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1952 and required extensive restoration work.

The age of the sitter and date of the portrait could be consitent with Marlowe, who was born in February 1564, and who attended the College between 1580 and 1587. The inscription reads ANNO DNI AETATIS SVAE 21 1585, one translation of which is "Aged 21 in 1585".

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