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The Christopher Marlowe Rose.
The Christopher Marlowe Rose - see enlarged image.
31 May 2002

Theatrical Rose

Christopher Marlowe Rose unveiled at Chelsea Flower Show

At the 2002 Chelsea Flower Show (21-24 May) a new English rose, bred by David Austin Roses Ltd, was on display. The rose is named Christopher Marlowe (Ausjump), and the brochure describes it thus:

"This rose is of a colour not usually associated with English Roses: an intense orange-red, paling a little to salmon-pink on the outer petals as the flower ages."

"We need all colours if we are to fulfil all the requirements of the garden. 'Christopher Marlowe' should he useful whenever a bright splash of red is required. The flowers are rosette-shaped; the outer petals reflexing a little. The growth is short but very vigorous, with numerous stems arising from the base and later branching to give a continuous flow of flowers. The result is a free-flowering, nicely rounded shrub. There is a pleasing Tea fragrance, with a hint of lemon. Very healthy. 3 ft x 3 ft." [David Austin 2002]

A display of Christopher Marlowe Roses can be seen in the Alley Rose Garden to the left of the Marlowe Theatre at Canterbury.

For more details, prices, and online ordering, visit the David Austin Roses website.

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