The Marlowe Society
12 June 2004

Much Ado About Something

Documentary Posits Marlowe as Author of Shakespeare

This widely acclaimed documentary, directed by Mike Rubbo, explores the possibility of Christopher Marlowe's being the author of the Shakespeare canon, and includes contributions from many authorities on either side of the argument.

Following its recent showing on ABC Television across Australia, the festival version, 93 minutes, is now available on DVD, with some 80 minutes of additonal material, and is priced at $Aus 29.95.

Mike Rubbo,
135, Hillside Road,
Avoca Beach,
NSW 2251 Australia.
Tel No: 61 243 821 866

1000 DVDs have been printed in the first run and are hand numbered as collector's items. The cover portrays the compelling face of Christopher Marlowe with the question above it: Did this man write Shakespeare's plays?

The DVD is available in Australia from ABC shops and quality Independent bookshops, and will hopefully be available in the UK through bookshops soon. The video is available directly from the film maker, Mike Rubbo, who is happy to discuss his film via email. The DVD or video can be from Mike in Australia via email. The price is £15 + £5 for postage (to the UK) - please make cheques payable to "Mike Rubbo". Remember to specify your own name and postal address, and please mention the Marlowe Society when ordering.

A selection of press and academic comments on Much Ado are reproduced below. The longer quotations from which these comments come can be seen on Mike Rubbo's website.

The cover of Mike Rubbo's DVD - Much Ado About Something

"...hugely satisfying film ... reveals a great literary mystery and unfolds with all the drama of a first-class detective story.""

"...entertaining documentary that freshly considers arguments that the Bard's immortal plays were written by someone else."

"Much ado about the Bard's authenticity. This is about as lively as literary criticism gets."

"...totally gripping as a speculation about Marlowe..."

"...marshalling of the evidence and the argument are very impressive..."

"...the tone was excellent - and the editing superb."

"The most interesting thing for me about the film is the way so many people have this deeply vested interest in preserving Shakespeare as the author ... There is an almost religious side to it all."

"...interesting to see how something deep within stops them changing their minds."

"The construction of the argument is so entertainingly achieved that I was seduced into abandoning my previously rigid refusal to examine the evidence."

"...before the film had run its course I was a convert to the possibility that Shakespeare did not in fact write his plays."

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