The Marlowe Society
27 May 2007

Marlowe Memorial Service

Memorial Service at St. Nicholas Church, Deptford

St Nicholas Church,
Deptford Green, Deptford,
London, SE8 3DQ.

The annual Marlowe Memorial Day Service will take place at 6pm on Saturday 2nd June 2006 at St Nicholas Church, Deptford Green, in south-east London. The service will be led by the Reverend Steve Doel.

Note that owing to the recent appointment of the Reverend Steve Doel as the new Rector at Deptford, it has not been possible to hold the usual February Marlowe Memorial Service this year.

Let due praise be given,
Neither to Fate nor Fortune, but to Heaven.

Christopher Marlowe: The Jew of Malta - Lines 2409-10

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