The Marlowe Society
31 January 2008

AGM at The George Inn

Tickets Details and Itinerary

The 2008 Marlowe Society Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 23rd February at The George Inn on Borough High Street, London. As is traditional, the AGM is set for the weekend closest to 26th February, the day of Marlowe's baptism.

The George Inn,
77, Borough High Street
London, SE1 1NH.
tel. 020 7407 2056

All members of the society are welcome to attend. Tickets are priced £15, and can be obtained by sending a cheque together with a SAE and your details to the Membership Secretary by 19th February latest. A ticket application form was contained in information recently mailed to all members.

The AGM will again be held at The George Inn, one of the oldest surviving galleried coaching inns dating back to the sixteenth century, and also boasting literary and theatrical links. Details of the closest tube stations and car parks can be found in this review of the inn.

Marlowe Society AGM: Saturday 23rd February 2008


  • 10:45 - Gather for coffee at the bar and for the sale of raffle tickets.
  • 11:15 - AGM commences.
  • 13:00 - Buffet lunch.
  • A selection of dishes, including vegetarian.
  • 14:15 - "Suspension of Disbelief Doesn't Exist" - A Presentation by Ildi Solti
  • The presentation, subtitled "What the New Globe Theatre Tells us about Elizabethan Plays", will be illustrated by student actors.
  • Ildi Solti is a free-lance actor-director, currently researching into Shakespeare and Performance Theory with particular reference to the experience gained at the New Globe Theatre. Ildi aims to enable us to enter the world of Elizabethan Theatre as a contemporary actor would have done:
  • "The presentation could also be called 'What did Bill nick from Kit?' Because we know that Shakespeare wrote some of his first plays for the Rose, and because of the traces and references to Marlowe in some of his later plays, it is fair to assume that he may have been something of an 'apprentice' to Marlowe - and my feeling is that there must have been mutual appreciation and admiration of each other's talents as dramatists."
  • "What we are going to do is explore, as actors, the 'tricks of the trade' that are necessary to operate the plays of the period to effect in the full light arena. Many of these skills, therefore, may have been acquired by Shakespeare while working for the Rose with Marlowe."
  • "What we do, can also be presented as an exploration of the Rose theatre and its characteristics. I am using short bits from the film 'Shakespeare in Love' as a visualisation for the audience of the Rose theatre. Members who come to the meeting might like to rent the DVD and look up the theatre scenes in it, with particular attention to the shape of the House and auditorium."
  • "As you may know, the significance of 'Shakespeare in Love' is that the set for the playhouse was modelled exactly on the actual remains of the Rose foundations, and therefore can be looked at as a virtual reality tour of that playhouse. Moreover, during the film, they could conduct a unique experiment which is vital for our understanding of the theatre experience at the Rose (and other Elizabethan venues): they were allowed to squeeze in the audience, to reproduce crowd density - which of course makes for different crowd behaviour. The New Globe has been so far unable to conduct this experiment for health and safety reasons, which makes the film unique in this important respect."
  • 15:30 - Raffle to be drawn.
  • 16:00 - Proceedings close.
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