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11 July 2008

Marlovian Publications

Two New Books Consider Marlowe-as-Shakespeare

June saw the publication of two new books examining the theories that Marlowe's death in Deptford was faked, and that he continued writing under the pseudonym of Shakespeare. One of these is by Society member Daryl Pinksen, who has had articles published in Marlowe Society Research Journals.

Details of these two books have now been added to our web site reading list. Click on the title link below to be taken to the relevant reading list page, where you'll find more information about the book, links to reviews where available, and links to enable you to find the cheapest price to buy the book online via Amazon, Abebooks, and their many thousands of online resellers.

Good Angel: O Faustus, lay that damned booke aside,
And gaze not on it least it tempt thy soule...

Doctor Faustus - Scene I, Lines 70-71

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