The Marlowe Society
10 January 2009

Online Research

The Marlowe Society Research Journal is now published online

The Marlowe Society Research Journal is now available online. Five new research articles submitted to the Editor in 2008 have now been published collectively on this website as Research Journal 5. The Society will no longer produce printed versions of the Research Journal.

From December 2004 to September 2006 the Society produced four issues of the Research Journal as printed booklets for sale. The number of copies sold has been too small to justify long print runs - and short runs are too expensive. The Committee therefore decided to publish research articles in future by making them freely available on the Society website.

For indexing purposes, a set of articles will still be grouped as an online Journal publication. Each online issue will contain articles published in a calendar year. Online Research Journal 5 contains all articles published in 2008, whilst Journal 6 will contain all articles published in 2009. Each Journal will continue to have a contents page summarising the articles in that issue, with the difference that those articles will now also be individually available for download from the contents page.

Visitors to the website will still be able to search for all articles on a particular subject in our online index of both Newsletter and Research Journal articles, and the printed back issues of Journals 1-4 can be ordered whilst copies are still available. The articles are also searchable via the Marlowe Society website search facility (in the top right corner of every web page): this will find both web pages and Journal articles that match the search criteria.

PDF Document

Articles are published individually as PDF documents. Many computers already have a PDF document reader installed as standard, and most web browsers can open PDF documents. If not, you can easily download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge from the Adobe website. To read an online article, simply click on the PDF document icon to the right of the article summary on the Journal contents page. Once the article has opened, you can read the article online, print it if you wish, or save it locally to read later.

Research Journal articles for consideration should still be sent to the Editor in the normal way, as described in our Research Journal overview.

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