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Christopher Marlowe at 450, Ed. Sara Munson Deats, Robert A. Logan
01 February 2015

Christopher Marlowe at 450

New book assesses the state of Marlowe scholarship

As Marlowe's 450th anniversary year draws to a close, a new book entitled Christopher Marlowe at 450 is being published this month that will provide a comprehensive retrospective and assess the current state of scholarship on both the poet and his work. The book is edited by Sara Munson Deats, Distinguished University Professor of English at the University of South Florida, and Robert A. Logan, Professor of English at the University of Hartford, both of whom are responsible for a number of important previous critical works on Marlowe.

The work boasts an impressive collection of contributors, and is split into two parts. "Each chapter has been written by an eminent, international Marlovian scholar to determine what has been covered, what has not, and what scholarship and criticism will or might focus on next. Included in the discussions are the native, continental, and classical influences on Marlowe and the ways in which Marlowe has interacted with other contemporary writers, including his influence on those who came after him."

The first part covers Marlowe's Works covering each of the six plays (including chapters by Deats on Doctor Faustus and Logan on Edward II) as well as his poetry (Patrick Cheney, editor of The Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe, addresses Hero & Leander and The Passionate Shepherd, whilst M.L. Stapleton examines Marlowe's translations of Ovid and Lucan).

The second part looks at Marlowe in contemporary contexts. Profesor Richard Wilson, who has spoken eloquently to the Marlowe Society on a number of occassions, contributes 'Spectres of Marlowe: The State of the Debt and the Work of Mourning'. David Bevington provides a brief history of Marlowe's Plays in Performance, whilst Christopher Matusiak considers Marlowe's place in Theatre History. David McInnis, who is both founder and co-editor of the invaluable Lost Plays Database and jointly responsible for the Marlowe Bibliography Online, contributes a chapter on Marlowe and Electronic Resources. The final chapter is by Constance Brown Kuriyama, author of the brilliant Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life, and looks at the issues to be considered when examining Marlowe's biography: "Fact, Inference, Conjecture, and Speculation".

The book is published in February 2015, and can be ordered online from Ashgate Publishing.

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