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1. Marigolds - A Few Stray Petals Eileen Vasey PDf Documents
  Following previous Journal articles examining the marigold as Marlowe's emblem, Eileen Vasey adds some more observations on the plant, its properties, and historical references.  
2. Christopher Marlowe and the Golden Age of England Michael J. Kelly PDf Documents
  Michael J. Kelly examines how English Renaissance drama illustrated contemporary political and social events through the medium of the public play-house, Marlowe's key role in this Elizabethan Golden Age, and his relationship with Shakespeare.  
3. The Influences of Elizabethan Society on the Writings of Christopher Marlowe Jeffrey Scott PDf Documents
  After summarising the religious and social climate both before and during the reign of Elizabeth I, Jeffrey Scott examines how these may have influenced elements of anti-catholicism and social mobility that he finds in Marlowe's plays.  
4. Land, Law and Desire in Marlowe's Edward II Arvind Thomas PDf Documents
  Arvind Thomas explores early modern legal thinking on the precise relations between the King's private and public bodies to historicise the question of sodomy that Marlowe's Edward II intimates.  
5. Gorboduc Barbara Wooding PDf Documents
  From having seen a stage reading of the little-known Tragedy of Gorboduc (1561, by Norton & Sackville), Barbara Wooding shows that it influenced many sixteenth century playwrights, including Kyd, Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Ben Jonson. (A shorter version of this article appeared in Newsletter 31)  
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