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1. A New Interpretation of Sonnet 112 Cynthia Morgan PDF Documents
  Cynthia Morgan discusses problems with the traditional interpretation of Sonnet 112, and offers a new reading that reveals it to be the grave marker we have never found for Christopher Marlowe.  
2. "Quod me Nutrit me Destruit" - Relationships in Marlowe's Dido, Queen of Carthage Philip Ford PDF Documents
  Philip Ford, who studied English Literature at Glasgow University and now works as a high school English teacher, discusses the relationships explored in Dido, Queen of Carthage, the nature of which find some echo in the inscription to be found on the putative Corpus Christi portrait of Marlowe.  
3. Evidence that Marlowe was Gregorio Prof. Robert U. Ayres PDF Documents
  Robert Ayres, Professor Emeritus, of Insead, Fontainbleau, France, summarises the historical evidence that Marlowe lived after 1593, and wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare whilst adopting the identity Gregorio de'Monti in Venice.  
4. The French Connection (Part 2):
On the Trail of Jacques Le Doux
Christopher Gamble PDF Documents
  Following on from his article in Volume 6 of our Research Journal, Christopher Gamble documents his further painstaking research on the trail of diplomatic courier Jacques Le Doux in the second half of the 1590's. A.D. Wraight first suggested 'Le Doux' was an identity invented by Marlowe in exile, following a faked death in Deptford.  
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