The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 21

Autumn 2003

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Welcome to our New President (Mark Rylance) and Vice-Presidents (Kenneth Pickering, Park Honan, Gordon Batho) Mike Frohnsdorff  
4 Editorial Roger Hards  
5 Shakespeare and Ignorance Joan Modlin  
7 A Report on the Authorship Conference Mike Frohnsdorff  
10 Marlowe Under Scrutiny - Conferences; Study Courses; Edward II and Dido at The Globe Frieda Barker
Marie Mitchell
12 That Stained-Glass Question Mark Roger Hards  
13 Marlowe Relived: A Poetry Society Performance Anthony Barnett  
14 The Cryptogram of 1609 Chris Gamble  
21 Review: Edward II at The Globe Joan Modlin  
23 Some Notes on Massacre, an Opera by Wolfgang Mitterer Valerie Colin-Russ  
24 Report on Marlowe Day 2003 Roger Hards  
28 Other News from Canterbury Caroline Ovenden  
29 New Books: A Life of the Bard by Magnus Inferall Benedict  
32 Crossword 13 The Duke of Guise  
33 Solution to Crossword #12 The Duke of Guise  
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