The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 23

Autumn 2004

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards  
4 Report on Marlowe Day 2004 Roger Hards  
5 'Mr W.H', the 'Dark Lady', and the 'Lovely Boy' (Pt 2) Chris Gamble  
10 Arden of Faversham Christian Lanciai  
12 Who's Afraid of Kit Marlowe? Isabel Gortázar  
18 Shakespeare's Monument Peter Farey  
24 Thomas Watson, Poet (c.1556-1592) Albert Chatterley Download
28 Of Malaprops or Misprints Roger Hards  
31 Review: A musical adaptation of Doctor Faustus at Barons Court Theatre Valerie Colin-Russ  
31 A Webmaster's Post-Load Roger Hards  
32 Crossword #15 The Duke of Guise  
33 Solution to Crossword #14 The Duke of Guise  
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