The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 24

Spring 2005

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards  
4 The Marlowe Apocrypha - Four Lost Plays Mike Frohnsdorff  
8 Lust's Dominion - A Summary and Review Mike Frohnsdorff  
14 New Books: Shake-speare's Voyage to America by Chris Gamble; Water Lane by John Passfield.    
15 Deptford Memorial Service - 05 February 2005    
16 Report on AGM - 26 February 2005 Committee  
19 A Glimpse of Doctor Faustus    
20 Fifty Years of the Marlowe Society Frieda Barker  
21 Review: Doctor Faustus at Freman College Beverley Lawrence  
22 Review: Christopher Marlowe by David Riggs Roberta Ballantine  
24 Marlowe in Hidden Allusions Mike Frohnsdorff Download
31 News: Marlowe Films Planned; Anna Bolena Opera at The Tower; Young Genius Festival    
32 Crossword #16 The Duke of Guise  
33 Solution to Crossword #15 The Duke of Guise  
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