The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 30

Spring 2008

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 In Memoriam Yolanda Hart Michael Frohnsdorff  
3 Editorial Roger Hards  
4 Report on AGM - 23 February 2008 Roger Hards  
6 Elizabethan Theatre in Cambridge Yvonne Adams  
10 Three Conquerors of the Early Modern Stage: Cyrus, Arbaces & Tamburlaine Barbara Wooding  
17 Clues About Christopher Marlowe's Sexuality Donna Murphy  
22 "All They That Love Not Tobacco & Boies Were Fooles" Dr. Stewart Young  
25 Review: The Massacre at Paris at the Richmond Drama School Eileen Vasey  
27 Review: Upstart Crows at Dulwich College John Grant  
28 Review: The Tempest by Tara Arts at the Arts Theatre, London Michael McEvoy  
29 Review: Much Ado About Nothing at the National Theatre Michael McEvoy  
31 New Book Reviews: Marlowe Up Close by Roberta Ballantine [Buy]; The Lodger by Charles Nicholl. Isabel Gortázar
Roger Hards
34 The Notorious Note of Richard Baines Benedict  
35 Notice of the Hoffman Prize 2008    
35 News: David Vandenberg paints Tamburlaine. Roger Hards  
36 Crossword 22 The Duke of Guise  
37 Solution to Crossword #21 The Duke of Guise  
38 Recent Marlowe Books (see also here). John Hunt  
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