The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 37

Autumn 2011

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards  
3 Marlowe Memorial Service - 29 October 2011 Roger Hards  
4 Report on Marlowe Day - 04 June 2011 Jennifer Margrave  
5 News in Brief Roger Hards  
6 The Marlowe Memorial in Canterbury Valerie Colin-Russ  
7 The Downfall of Faustus (play excerpts)    
8 She-Wolves of France Barbara Wooding  
20 Play Review: The Red Rose or The White? I Henry VI at The Rose Barbara Wooding  
24 Careless and Disdainful Yvonne Adams  
26 Book Review: The Man Who Was Never Shakespeare - A.J. Pointon Roger Hards  
27 Lecture Review: Every Merry Word a Witchcraft (17 September 2011) Barbara Wooding  
29 Play Review: Doctor Faustus at The Rose Jennifer Margrave  
Play Review: Doctor Faustus at The Globe Jennifer Margrave  
32 Play Reviews: Doctor Faustus at The Rose and The Globe Barbara Wooding  
36 Crossword #29 The Duke of Guise  
37 Solution to Crossword #28 The Duke of Guise  
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