The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 39

Autumn 2012

Pg Article Title Author Sample
2 Marlowe Diary    
4 Editorial Michael McEvoy  
6 Marlowe Day 2012 Valerie Colin-Russ  
7 Chairman's Speech on Marlowe Day 2012 Valerie Colin-Russ  
9 Marlowe Papers Delivered: A Marlowe Society Lecture by Ros Barber Mark Abbott  
11 Poets' Corner Wreath-laying Peter Cherry  
13 Terror on the World: A Marlowe Society Lecture by Paul Quinn Mark Abbott  
16 Confessions of a Drama Producer John Tydeman  
20 Giles Ramsay Chooses His Drinking Buddies Giles Ramsay  
22 The First Revival of The Jew of Malta After 200 Years Alan Stockwell  
26 Rhyme and Reason: A 400 Year Old Mystery Solved Michael McEvoy  
29 Ride in Triumph Stuart Griffiths  
32 Staging the World and the Wonderful Year Barbara Wooding  
35 Review: Timon of Athens at The National Theatre Michael McEvoy  
37 Book Review: Shakespeare and the Truth of Love: The Mystery of 'The Phoenix and Turtle' by James Bednarz Carina Sulzer  
41 Solution to Crossword #40 The Duke of Guise  
42 Crossword #41 The Duke of Guise  
44 Potpourri Roger Hards  
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