The Marlowe Society

Newsletter 43

Autumn 2014

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Michael McEvoy  
4 In Memoriam: Professor Park Honan Mike Frohnsdorff  
5 A Most Successful Event: ALS Weekend Jennifer Margrave  
7 Forthcoming Events Michael McEvoy  
8 Christopher Marlowe's Family & the Birth of Modern English Midwifery Amy Licence  
18 The Second Disappearance of Christopher Marlowe Trevor Fisher  
23 Look Here Upon This Picture, and on this... Christopher Gamble  
25 Marlowe's Dr Faustus as a Humanist Reaction to Alchemy Ben Townsend  
35 Annihilation & Damnation: Keith Douglas' How To Kill and its Debt to Dr Faustus D.J.Howells  
38 Marlowe Equals Shakespeare Jennifer Margrave  
46 Of Anti-Stratfordism and Anti-Anti-Stratfordism Niall McDevitt  
53 Letters to the Editor Readers  
55 Theatre Review: Julius Caesar at Shakespeare's Globe Barbara Wooding  
57 Theatre Review: El Castigo sin Vengeanza at Shakespeare's Globe Barbara Wooding  
60 Marlowe Crossword #35 The Duke of Guise  
61 Solution to Crossword #34 The Duke of Guise  
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