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Marlowe Biographies

Marlowe Biographies
Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy by Prof. Park Honan.

*Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy

  • Author: Prof. Park Honan
  • Published: OUP1 2005.
  • Details: Hardcover & Paperback. 448pp.
  • ISBN: Hardcover: 0198186959; Paperback: 0199232695.
  • Summary: An authoritative and highly readable account of Marlowe's life and works up until his recorded death in 1593 by our Vice-President.
  • Reviews: LRB; NY Times; NY Review of Books.
  • Buy Online: Hardcover: ;; OUP1. Paperback: ;;
The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl.

*The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe

  • Author: Charles Nicholl
  • Published: Jonathan Cape 1992; Vintage 2002.
  • Details: Paperback. 432pp.
  • ISBN: 0099437473
  • Summary: A detailed and well researched biography, culminating in Nicholl's own theory on Marlowe's death.
  • Reviews: National Review.
  • Buy Online: ;
In Search of Christopher Marlowe by A.D.Wraight & V.F.Stern.

*In Search of Christopher Marlowe

  • Author: A.D.Wraight. Photos by V.F.Stern
  • Published: Macdonald (UK) & Vanguard (NY) 1965; Adam Hart 1993.
  • Details: Paperback. 390pp.
  • ISBN: 1897763034
  • Summary: A fantastic and detailed biography of Marlowe, with a wealth of photographs.
  • Buy Online: ;
Christopher Marlowe and Canterbury by William Urry.

*Christopher Marlowe and Canterbury

  • Author: William Urry (Ed. Andrew Butcher)
  • Published: Faber and Faber 1988.
  • Details: Hardcover. 224pp.
  • ISBN: 0571145663
  • Summary: Urry's painstaking research of local records presents a wealth of background and family information on Marlowe and his birth-place.
  • Buy Online: ;
The World of Christopher Marlowe by David Riggs.

The World of Christopher Marlowe

  Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life by Constance Brown Kuriyama

* Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life

  • Author: Constance Brown Kuriyama
  • Published: Cornell University Press 2002.
  • Details: Hardcover. 255pp.
  • ISBN: 0801439787
  • Summary: Tries to counterbalance "the tendency toward disproportionate sensationalism", as Kuriyama goes back to the original documents and provides where appropriate her own translations.
  • Reviews: Globe & Mail (Can); The Free Library.
  • Buy Online: ;
Marlowe Up Close by Roberta Ballantine

Marlowe Up Close: An Unconventional Biography with A Scrapbook of His Ciphers

  • Author: Roberta Ballantine
  • Published: Xlibris Corporation Dec 2007.
  • Details: Hard cover: 1425743811.
    Paperback: 1425743803. 688pp.
  • Reviews: Up Close Site; Xlibris.
  • Summary: Very detailed biography posits some new information about Marlowe "masterfully fused from increments of factual evidence" which are "corroborated by surprising steganographic messages" found by Society member Ballantine in Marlowe's work. [Read Excerpt]
  • Buy Online: Hard cover: ; Paperback: ;
Bloomsbury and British Theatre: The Marlowe Story by Tim Cribb

Bloomsbury and British Theatre: The Marlowe Story

  • Author: Tim Cribb
  • Published: Salt Publishing Sept 2007.
  • Details: Paperback. 204pp.
  • ISBN: 1844714144
  • Reviews: Salt Publishing.
  • Summary: Not in fact a Marlowe biography, nor much to do directly with our playwright. Rather concerns the likes of Rupert Brook and Virginia Woolf, their association with the Cambridge Marlowe (Dramatic) Society, and that organisation's influence on subsequent RSC performances of Shakespeare.
  • Buy Online: ;
Marlowe in London by Mark Eccles

*Christopher Marlowe in London

  • Author: Mark Eccles
  • Published: Harvard UP 1934; Octagon 1967.
  • Details: Hardcover. 185pp.
  • Summary: Eccles' detective work at the PRO uncovered documents relating to Marlowe's arrest/pardon for the Hog Lane affray with Bradley in 1589, and a brush with the law in 1592.
  • Contents: I. New Light on Marlowe; II. In Newgate; III. William Bradley; IV. Marlowe's Sureties; V. Marlowe & the Constables; VI. Norton Folgate; VII. Douai; VIII. The Wise Man of St. Helens; IX. A Dedication by Marlowe.
  • Buy Online: .
Christopher Marlowe: A Biographical & Critical Study by F.S.Boas

Christopher Marlowe: A Biographical & Critical Study

  • Author: F.S.Boas
  • Published: Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1940.
  • Details: Hardcover. 336pp.
  • Excerpts: [Contents] [List of Illustrations] [Preface] [Sample pages]
  • Summary: A comprehensive study from both the biographical and the critical angles, building on the then recent documentary discoveries by Hotson, Eccles, Seaton and de Kalb.
  • Buy Online: ;
The Tragicall History of Christopher Marlowe by John Bakeless

*The Tragicall History of Christopher Marlowe

  • Author: John Bakeless
  • Published: Harvard UP 1942; Reprinted by Greenwood Press, Conn. 1970.
  • Details: Hardcover. 2 Vols. 375pp, 432pp.
  • ISBN: 0837133521 (1970)
  • Summary: A scholarly, thorough and detailed biography.
  • Buy Online: .
Life of Marlowe by C.F. Tucker Brooke

The Life of Marlowe, and the Tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage

  • Author: C.F. Tucker Brooke
  • Published: Methuen, London 1930.
  • Details: Hardcover. 238pp.
  • Summary: Vol I of The Works and Life of Christopher Marlowe
  • Buy Online: .
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